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0.3 Production Structure management

General operation type overview

Production structure overview (tree)

General operation overview chart

The production Structure Management module provides a description of the operations of the production process of the company that uses the Panoptikon instance. This information is used by all functional modules of the environment 2. PROCESS, his target is to enable the management of continuous improvement of the factors of the production process: operators ' competences, operating conditions, safety and environmental protection.

The operations of the production process can have his own checklist that describes the skills necessary for its execution. Operations can also be associated with types. Associating an operation with a type means that it will inherit the evaluation checklist from it.

Operations are grouped into domains (the set of operations normally handled by a team of workers) and these, in turn, are grouped into sub-units of process and in process units. The process units are grouped in production sites, thus rejoining the general organizational structure.

The functionality of the module, in addition to allowing the creation of all the elements describing the process, allow their management very simple and intuitive, thanks to the use of the tree charts that allow to represent in an extremely simple way the many information needed to describe the production processes of companies that can also have dozens of locations and tens of thousands of operations.



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