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0.4 Economics Configuration

The Economics Configuration module allows managing the configuration of all elements useful for the management and analysis of process improvement activities (Economics Management module). The management of the improvement methods and related phases and tools also allows the system to be correctly configured also for the Professional Team Management module.

Among the configuration possibilities specifically addressed to the Economics scope offered by this module, we find the management of categories and types of losses (Loss categories and Loss Types functions), which allow defining the structure according to which all efficiency losses analysed in Economics Management will be classified.

The Loss Causes function, on the other hand, allows not only to define the causes that can be associated with the same losses, but also to declare standard attributes that will be automatically associated with projects to reduce the loss of efficiency when it has been associated with one of the configured causes.

Specifically linked to Economics Management, we also find the Currency Management feature, which allows managing the introduction of new currencies and change their exchange rate with respect to the currency defined as standard.

There are four functions that concern methods of improvement and which therefore concern both the functioning of Economics Management and Professional Team Management. In the first, Improvement Methods, the methods of improvement are declared according to which the actions to reduce efficiency losses and the development activities of professional teams will be classified. In the second, Improvement Tools, the tools that refer to each method are defined and in the third, Improvement phases, the phases are defined according to which the activities related to each method can be organized. Finally, in the fourth, Improvement Roles, they are declared what the roles and their requirements are within the professional teams.



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