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0.1 Instance Management

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The instance Management module manages the Panoptikon instance, which is the installation that you are working on. It is designed to allow customization of the system and to manage the flow of information coming from its users and that, when necessary, can be redirected to Exagogica, the company producing Panoptikon.

Panoptikon is a modular system, so each instance can provide the activation of one or more modules. The activation is allowed by an encrypted key that is distributed along with the license. These informations (which modules are active, which version is updated, until the license is valid) are visible in the license Management feature.

The online Help system, which is present in each module of the system, allows you to request information or assistance from the instance manager. The handling of requests, called tickets, is one of the functions of this module. The operator can respond to requests and, if necessary, turn them into "Change request" and forward them to Exagogica, so that they can be taken into account for future development of the application.

Another feature of the module is the handling of notifications. Panoptikon expects, in fact, the possibility to notify the user of hundreds of possible events triggered by the change of data that fall in some way under the scope of one of its profiles and that were generated by the activities of another user. Notifications can be sent with various channels. The appears on the display system on the home page of the application, but can also be reached by mail or SMS. The Instante Management module allows to activate and deactivate each type of notification, also defining by which way they must be forwarded.

The module allows you to manage content localization. Panoptikon, in fact, is a multilingual system. Each language is activated through the installation of a special library. However, libraries can be customized for each instance in order to adapt to the company-specific terminologies in which they are used. The management of this activity (modification and eventual restoration of the libraries) is made possible by the function of Localization management present in this module.



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