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Job Compliance
  • 1. Manage development actions

Job Compliance

1. Manage development actions

Access the dashboard widget to go to the main page where the resources list is displayed. Select a specific resource to be viewed in detail and access the tab “Training” to examine all the development actions. Then, enter the detail to manage them.

Access the dashboard widget and click on the detail until the list of resources is displayed.*

*The number of steps change on the basis of your profile.


The main page shows you the complete list of people with the related details.


Select the resource you need to manage development actions.


Access the tab “Training” where you can visualize all the training actions assigned to the resource.

The system shows you the actions “Open” at first.


Remove filters and click on “Apply” to visualize all the development actions.


Click on “Detail” to manage a training action.


A window is displayed where you can view and modify all the necessary details.


Once you have defined the “Completion date” and specified if the object was achieved or not, you simply need to click on “Save” to certificate the development action.